NCHIMA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

12.0 CEUs

Pre-Recorded Sessions

Bridging the Gap Between Coding and CDI

Kristi Fahy, RHIA

The shift to value-based reimbursement methodologies means that both clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and coding accuracy are more important than ever before. These specialties are necessary for improving patient outcomes, ensuring continuity of care, and for attaining appropriate reimbursement. It’s important that coding and CDI teams utilize a collaborative approach to maximize the outcomes of each program. Computer-assisted coding (CAC) technologies can help to bridge the gap between the teams. During the presentation, we will discuss how CAC fuses coding and CDI through workflow configurations that help to improve communication and efficiency and, provide robust reporting that trends progress.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
Big Data and Healthcare

Keith Olenik, MA, RHIA, CHP

Data is impacting our lives without a doubt and the volume of data we have available to us is growing at an exponential rate. How we utilize all of this data is critical to the success of any business. We have an opportunity to help the healthcare industry turn this data into information and ensure there is integrity and value. HIM professionals have a unique skillset based on our educational background that sets us up to accept this challenge and tackle the volumes of data that can and will be turned into valuable information.

This presentation will provide an overview of how big data is impacting our lives with a focus on healthcare. Description of big data key concepts and how it is impacting the workplace. Information will be provided on the skills required to work with big data and the future job opportunities.

CEU: 1.0 - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance
CDI Across the Continuum - Moving to a Patient Centric Solution

Phil Goyeau

Many CDI programs are shifting from focused inpatient reviews to a patient-centric solution that supports all clinical documentation integrity processes beyond the traditional acute care setting. In addition the role of CDI will continue to expand and impact downstream functions such as coding, case management, and quality, and be critical to achieving the accuracy of data for reporting and analytics. This presentation will review the latest trends around CDI program expansion into the ambulatory setting and look at industry trends and best practices, including concurrent coding and leveraging the expertise of quality teams into the CDI workflow.

CEU: 1.0 - Evolving Topics
Commit to Zero

Valerie Fernandez, PhD, MBA, RHIA, CPC, COC, CPMA, CRC, CCS, AHIMA Approved Trainer ICD-10-CM and PCS

Committing to zero harm means excellence, achieved through a transformative approach to teamwork, powered by a diversity of perspectives, creativity, ideas and solutions, that create a system based on our individual and collective integrity, leading to enhanced patient safety and zero harm, for our patients, their loved ones and each other. This collaborative displays the Coding Operations Compliance Specialists and the Coding Integrity Compliance Specialists vision of how PRMO teams can commit to zero.

CEU: 1.0 - Revenue Cycle Management
COVID-19: Coding and Clinical Guidance

Emmel B. Golden, Jr. M.D., FCCP, CCDS

CEU: 1.0 - Revenue Cycle Management
Documentation Detectives…What are you searching for?

Leola Burke, MHSA, CCS AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer

Concepts of quality clinical documentation that impacts the healthcare industry. In this presentation I will discuss the following:

1. Who’s looking? CDI & HIM professionals
2. Logistics – Hospital unit, Provider office, Insurance Carriers etc.
3. The Evolution of Clinical Documentation
4. Compliance Issues with Provider Documentation
-Cutting and Pasting Functions in the EMR & EHR template
-The Problem List should not be a Problem
5. Key Concepts to Capture in the Documentation
6. Think to Ink – “Words Matter”
7. Solutions (Education, Tips Cards, The EMR)

CEU: 1.0 - Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance
Empowering People to Impact Health: 2020 AHIMA Report to the CSAs

Sharon Easterling, MHA, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, CRC, FAHIMA, Director – AHIMA Board of Directors

CEU: 1.0 - Health Law and Compliance
Lunch and Learn - Privacy Compliance Manager/Privacy Officer: What You Should Know to Ensure Your Practice is HIPAA Compliant - July 1, 2020

Selena Jarman Griffin, MS, RHIA, CHPS

Discuss the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
Discuss how the rules apply to healthcare entities
Discuss the Privacy/HIPAA Officer Roles and Responsibilities

CEU: 1.0 - Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security
Lunch and Learn - Patient Safety and it's Implications on the Revenue Cycle - June 1, 2020

Hannah Meyer, CPC

Examine the discipline of Patient Safety
Discuss the relationship between Patient Safety & Quality and Reimbursement
Demonstrate the correlation between code assignments and Patient Safety Indicators

CEU: 1.0 – Revenue Cycle Management
North Carolina Representative Donnie Lambeth Shares State of the State Webinar - January 2020

Representative Donny Lambeth

Representative Donny Lambeth has had 4 terms in the House of Representatives for the State of North Carolina. Representative Lambeth servers as a senior chairman for the Appropriations, Health and Human Services and is a chairman on the Health committee. He is a member of several other committees that include aging, Education K-12 and pensions and retirement.

Representative Lambeth will be discussing Medicaid and proposed programs impacting insurance coverage in North Carolina.

CEU: 1.0 - Health Law and Compliance
The Value of the Aspiring Professional

Eric Nordgren

This presentation will challenge the audience to consider the value of skill sets and perspectives offered by the new health information professional, relevant to new and aspiring professionals as well as hiring managers. Content will include identification of the common characteristics of aspiring professionals, discussion of potential linkages to generational stereotypes, and a look at what realities experienced employers, colleagues, and mentors can expect from this group. We will also review a variety of creative ways for current professionals to give back and even earn CEUs through volunteering, mentoring, and shaping individuals who will successfully practice in the health information field.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
Perspectives of an Army Health Information Manager

Jessica Georgi

MAJ Georgi shares her experiences of managing health information as part of the Military Health System in various settings, how the civilian and military sectors can increase interoperability in the managed care settings and how Defense Health Agency will change the landscape of military healthcare in upcoming years.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership

Technology Showcase/Student Presentation

No CEU offered
Ransomware: A Case Study

Emily Hammond and Susie T. Harris, PhD, MBA, RHIA, CCS, FAHIMA

Ransomware is a hot topic in the healthcare industry. Students in the HIT and HIM programs learn about this topic. An HIM senior experienced this topic first hand at a summer internship in Mobile, AL. During this presentation, the landing and securing of the internship site along with the logistics as well as the attack vector and privacy and security issues and recommendations will be discussed.

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