HIP Week 2023, Day 5: THANK YOU!

This is a time to recognize the contributions of health information professionals in the industry and the critical role they play in the healthcare system. HIP Week is an opportunity for organizations to acknowledge all health information professionals. Throughout the week, healthcare organizations across the country will celebrate these contributions with a variety of activities, including workshops, training sessions, and recognition events. These events provide opportunities to network, learn, and celebrate the achievements of health information professionals! We encourage all healthcare organizations to take the time to recognize and celebrate.

In the spirit of celebration, NCHIMA has the following activities planned:

HIP Week 2023, Day 5: THANK YOU!

Thank you from NCHIMA to all of the health information professionals for their tireless efforts and dedication to the healthcare industry. Your work is truly appreciated!

To everyone who contributed to the week, we hope you enjoy this montage of event celebrations over the past week.


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